Thermal Engineering and Energy

Thermal Engineering and Energy

Thermal Engineering and Energy:


Students of thermal engineering and energy are shaped to manage functions in areas related to the many kinds of energy: production, utility, management, its impact on the environment and alternative energy.

Trades Studied

-          Building Designer: heating, ventilation, air treatment (study and encryption) of the industry (furnaces, motors, refrigeration machines…)

-          Technical Sales

-          Framework methods and mastering services within energy production

-          Manager of heating services and air conditioning

-          Superior technician in testing laboratories and research

-          Advice and expertise

Why you should choose this area of studies…

Pascal Personne, a teacher and researcher (on the physics of clouds) within the University works in the department of Thermal Engineering and Energy. Students of Thermal Engineering and Energy are taught a wide variety of topics, they are taught about environmental problems and what can be done to prevent any more from occurring. They work in the field of engines; working with both car and plane engines, they are taught about pollution and the different resources that could be used to try and prevent its negative affect. After their 2nd year at the University, the students move on from engines and start to learn about buildings, they are taught about heating, ventilation, air conditioning, insulation, water and airing pipes, they learn about what’s efficient and what’s not. They learn about different structures and building made from different materials such as wood.  Infrastructures that are looked at are not just individual houses but also hospitals and gyms. At the University of Technology, students are not only taught the theory, but they also have the chance to have hands on experience with the equipment that they will be using in their desired field of work. In the University’s workshop there are engines, furnaces, cooling towers, materials for each type of renewable energy (solar, thermal etc.), a number of heating and cooling machines. This is a huge advantage to those studying here as these resources are not available in many universities, and it allows the students to experiment and do practical’s with every piece of machinery that they will be working with in the future.

The aim of this area of studies is to save energy, try to find the best solutions of preventing pollution of the environment, and to do this by paying as little money as possible. The topic of the environment is referred to a lot in the media, saving energy is important for young people and because of this there are a number of job perspectives in this field. Students must be analytical, critical and have knowledge of science to do well in this degree.


Post-study Options

-          Engineering or Business School

-          Masters, Licence, Professional Licence, ERASMUS students – students have the opportunity to enjoy a year abroad and receive two diplomas, one from the university, and the other from their chosen country of exchange.

Conditions of Admission

-              Prospective students must have either Alevels in science or a BTEC National Diploma in electrical engineering

-              If you don’t have either of these qualifications, you can apply to be a student at IUT if they have proof and accreditation of work experience in this area of studies.

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