DUT in Business and Marketing Techniques

Teaching is based on getting to know and understanding the business environment, with subjects that are aimed at making students versatile and able to adapt as quickly as possible to the world for the world of business.

Lecturers, teachers and professionals teach courses; where students receive lectures and seminars providing close interaction and frequent exchanges with their teachers.

The subjects taught include:

  • Negotiation
  • Business law
  • Marketing
  • Company structuring
  • Foreign languages
  • Writing and general knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Economics
  • Understanding foreign markets
  • Accountancy
  • Computer skills
  • Maths
  • Statistics
  • Career planning
  • Logistics

A compulsory 2-month internship in the second year allows students to familiarise themselves with the world of work and to put theory into practice. This professional experience reinforces the skills and knowledge learned during the compulsory 2-week internship, which takes place in the first year.

Students will also undertake supervised projects, where the entire Department of Business and Marketing functions as a model company. Students are divided into small groups: each group functions as an individual department following the way a real company works. The model company is strictly organised with project leaders and managers, not forgetting teacher supervision.
Throughout the course, students run and manage a large-scale project with or for investors and partner companies. Since 1983 the department has initiated and carried out ambitious events, exhibitions, and national congresses such as that of the Best Craftsmen of France.
The supervised project involves using many skills, including keeping an eye on the competition and building strategies, setting goals, sticking to budgets, managing teams and developing interpersonal skills.

This unique professional experience allows for performing tasks in the following areas of business: marketing studies, advising in communication, I.T., event planning, and last but not least these projects help students greatly in terms of self-development, commitment to work, and creativity all from an individual perspective.

Thanks to this course, students will gain key skills for better employability and adaptability to the changing job-market, alternatively students may choose to go on to further study.


The Diploma in Applied Marketing and International Trade (DUMACI) and the Diploma in International Technological Studies (DUETI) are two special diplomas offered by I.U.T. d'Allier. Throughout these courses, students have the opportunity to study abroad, to gain international experience and to be awarded a Bachelor's degree from one of our partner institutions. Obtaining a DUMACI or DUETI can lead to further study, a Master's degree and employment.


Diploma in Applied Marketing and International Trade (DUMACI)

Created in 1987, the DUMACI is a BAC+3 level diploma awarded jointly by the Université Blaise Pascal Clermont II and the Sligo Institute of Technology (in Ireland.) The course depends on the co-operation between the two awarding institutions and functions in the following manner:


  • For 3rd year students of the Sligo Institute of Technology:

Sept – end of April: Teaching in the Department of Business and Marketing (TC) at I.U.T. d'Allier Montluçon campus

May & June: Internship with a business in France


  • For students of the Business and Marketing (TC) Department in Montluçon

Sept – mid May: study for a Bachelor of Business in International Marketing at the Sligo Institute of Technology

mid May – July: Internship with a business in Ireland, France, or another country for a minimum duration of 2 months and a maximum duration of 4 months


After the internship has been graded, successful students are awarded a Bachelor's Degree in International Marketing from the Sligo Institute of Technology as well as the DUMACI.


Diploma in International Technological Studies (DUETI)

The Diploma in International Technological Studies is a BAC+3 level qualification where students spend 1 year at one of the partner universities of I.U.T. d'Allier, allowing for academic and professional experience in an international environment. The entry requirement for this course is a University Diploma in Technology (DUT) from I.U.T. d'Allier.

Thanks to our partner institutions, students have the opportunity to complete their DUETI in one of the following countries: Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Spain or Italy.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a DUETI and (in most cases) a Bachelor's degree from the attended partner institution. In all cases, students who obtain their DUETI will be eligible for further study in France, Master's degree courses in other countries, and employment providing they have relevant work experience.


The Diploma in Environment, Industrial Risk and Safety Management (DUSMERIS) and the Diploma in Risk and Crisis Management (DUMRC)

These diplomas are offered by the I.U.T. d'Allier Department of Quality in conjunction with the Institut Européen de la Qualité Totale (IEQT.)

Students will learn about quality control and safety and environment management, how to promote sustainable development and how to develop the performance of a company.

For more information on these courses, please visit the IEQT Vichy website.

For information on how to apply, please visit our Application Procedures page.

Application Procedure

All admissions to the I.U.T. d'Allier are selective. Prospective students should therefore submit an application and be declared accepted in order to be able to enrol. Applications are only valid once we have received all required documents.
Please be aware that different formalities may apply depending on the type of course you apply to, which country you are applying from and the type of qualification(s) you hold upon entry. Whilst we urge our prospective students to read through the application procedure with care, do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.

French Baccalaureate Holders

Applicants with a French Baccalaureate, or who will have obtained a French Baccalaureate upon entry to I.U.T. must apply using the online post-bac application service. The service is national (for all French universities) and you may apply regardless of the institution awarding your French Baccalaureate.
Please note that applicants to the I.U.T. d'Allier using this method may apply for a University Diploma in Technology (DUT) only. The service is open to receive applications from the 28th June 2013, after 2pm CET.

Licence Professionnelle Applicants

To apply for a Licence Professionnelle, you must apply directly to the I.U.T. d'Allier using our online portal CIELL2 between the 4th February and 3rd June.
When applying via CIELL2, use the following step-by-step:

1. Enter personal information to receive your application number and password
2. Choose course(s) you wish to apply for
3. Follow on-screen instructions
4. Download and print completed document
5. Send document and any required attachments to our address*

IUT d'Allier
Service Scolarité
Avenue Aristide Briand, BP 2235
03101 Montluçon Cedex

*Applications to the Department of Quality Control in Vichy (LP Quality and Environment Safety Leading, DUS Environment Management of Industrial Risk and Safety, DU Risk and Crisis Management) must be sent to a different address:

5 - 15 rue Montaret - B.P. 2538

DUETI or DUMACI Applicants

Applicants for Applied Marketing and International Trade must contact us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applicants for International Technological Studies must download an application form.

International Applicants

Non-EU applicants who live in one of the 31 countries under the CEF agreement must apply via campusfrance. These countries are: Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Burkina-Faso, Cameroon, Chili, China, Colombia, Congo-Brazzaville, South Korea, Ivory Coast, United States, Gabon, Guinea, India, Japan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Senegal, Syria, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Applicants from one of the 31 countries under the CEF agreement who wish to apply for a Licence Professionnelle must first apply via the I.U.T. d'Allier online portal CIELL2 and also via campusfrance.
Nationals of a country within the European Union, residents of France and International applicants living in a country other than the 31 countries under the CEF agreement must apply via the online post-bac application service.