Services and Communications Networks


The department of Services and Communication Networks form specialists of New Communication Technologies, competent on both technical (data processing, networks, audio-visual, and multimedia) and content aspects (optimisation of actions and communication products, multimedia creation, message design in a technical, ergonomic and convivial dimension) with an approach that focuses on the user.

Trades Studied

-          Human Resources and Internal Communication Services or external industrial and commercial enterprises and administration.

-          Communications Agency

-          Multimedia Agency

-          Publicity Sector

-          Communication within the local authority sector, tourism

-          Training and distance learning

-          Marketing and Electronic Commerce

-          Trades in the audio-visual

-          Trades of computer graphics


Post-study Options

-          Engineering or Business School

-          Masters, Licence, Professional Licence, ERASMUS students – students have the opportunity to enjoy a year abroad and receive two diplomas, one from the university, and the other from their chosen country of exchange.

-          All forms of training on graphic arts and audio visuals.

Conditions of Admission

-          Prospective students must have Alevels

-          If you don’t have either of these qualifications, you can apply to be a student at IUT if they have proof and accreditation of work experience in this area of studies.

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