Marketing Techniques

The departments of Marketing Techniques turn their students into business executives who are immediately operational within their sector of work with the high level comprehensive education combining theory and learning by experience directly related to the businesses. The Technology Diploma of Marketing Techniques develops a sense of responsibility, a sense of initiative and the creativity of the students. This diploma can be studied at both University sites of Montluҫon and Moulins. Each site has its own specific functions that we invite you to discover on our Open Days or by appointment.

In both cases, the Marketing Techniques teaching prepares you to:

-          Animate and communicate

-          Know the enterprise and its environment

-          Distribution of products

-          Master the tools of management

-          Familiarising yourself with marketing techniques

Why you should study at this University and choose this course…

Business and Marketing head of department Jean Pierre is a teacher and a member of staff that works with the administrative functions, international relations and budget and finance within the department. However his speciality is teaching Marketing. This degree can be studied for either one year or three, students have the option to do an ERASMUS and work abroad, another advantage for the students as it puts them into a new environment and culture and allows them to see for themselves what they are capable of doing.

Within the area of marketing two different areas are studied, both theory and practical. Students receive hands on experience; they are integrated into the economic world and a business environment to help them learn. Students are taught about accounting, the financing of operations, they work with real money, they sign contracts and they commit themselves to their work and they take their studies seriously. Jean Pierre advises his students to work hard and to be curious and want to learn about their course, they have to be critical minded and must get involved in every aspect of the course. Jean Pierre also says that receiving the diploma and studying this course does not guarantee you a job, employers are searching for people that know how to work, that can deliver and that will always work hard.

Trades Studies

-          Sale Trades, of sales management, of marketing: clientele load, study load, product manager, head of technical sales…

-          In all the business sectors:  industry, service, distribution

Post-study Options

-          Business School

-          Masters, Licence, Professional Licence, ERASMUS students – students have the opportunity to enjoy a year abroad and receive two diplomas, one from the university, and the other from their chosen country of exchange.

Conditions of Admission

-          Prospective students must have either Alevels in science or a BTEC National Diploma in electrical engineering

-          If you don’t have either of these qualifications, you can apply to be a student at IUT if they have proof and accreditation of work experience in this area of studies.

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