Electrical Engineering & Industrial Computing

Electrical Engineering & Industrial Computing

Students that receive a university diploma of technology from this University are taught a variety of topics. You are taught the functions of electrical energy, the applications of electronics and industrial computing.

There are also optional modules that one can take that provide a deeper knowledge in automation and industrial computing in electrical engineering and power electronics, as well as local industrial networks.

Trades Studied

  • Design, study, development, implementation, installation, testing and measurements in various fields: robotics, automation, renewable energy, utilities

  • Support and Maintenance
  • Quality control
  • -              Technical Sales Support


Why you should choose this University…

Head of Department Francis Gary says that there are many advantages of studying at this university. The students are trained in depth, they have the option to do an internship either in France or abroad within a business which prepares them for the world of work and increases their employment opportunities. Gary’s advice for future students is that they should be 100% committed to their studies as well as being motivated to attend every class.

Post-study Options

-          School of Engineering

-          Masters, Licence, Professional Licence, ERASMUS students – students have the opportunity to enjoy a year abroad and receive two diplomas, one from the university, and the other from their chosen country of exchange.

-          Specialisation in technical sales.

Conditions of Admission

-          Prospective students must have either Alevels in science or a BTEC National Diploma in electrical engineering

-          If you don’t have either of these qualifications, you can apply to be a student at IUT if they have proof and accreditation of work experience in this area of studies.

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