International Students

International Students Visiting IUT Montluçon:

At IUT Montluçon, we try to encourage and help our students in the experience that can be gained by participating in international placement schemes, both for personal growth and professional improvement.

There is a long traditon of  students com study here at IUT Montluçon under the European (Lifelong Learning Programme, Erasmus Programme and The Leonardo da Vinci Programme) or under the terms of international co-operation agreements with several institutions from all over the world.

When international students travel here to IUT Montluçon, or our students travel abroad, we see it as an opportunity to expose students to new and exciting cultures as well as giving them the oppertunity to learn forign languages.

The experiences gained in international placement is an investment in the future of every student that avails of the oppertunity.

Welcoming foreign students:

Forign International Students from our partner institutions regularly travel to IUT Montluçon to follow all or just part of a curriculum, or to fulfill their graduation project.

In addition, all courses offered by the IUT welcome international students who can apply individually for courses.

A mentoring scheme is provided by students recruited by the IUT who are on hand for educational, cultural and administrative support to international and non-French speaking students.