Logistics and Transport Management

Logistics and Transport Management:


The University diploma of technology and logistics forms professionals of transport and logistics, capable of managing each stage of the supply chain: procurement, production, distribution of goods and services.

Their objective: to manage teams in order to make products or services available to customers at a lower cost, in the periods specified and in the location provided.

The public and private sectors are concerned by the following: industrial enterprises, of distribution, road transport, railway, fluvial, maritime, aerial methods of transport, hospitals, event organising, humanitarian missions, military…

Why you should study at this University and choose this course…

Anne Celine Palier, the joint head of department and deputy head of communications in the University says the campus has a family atmosphere which is appealing to many young students, especially those from foreign countries. The professors are always available to lend a helping hand to students and they are very supportive and friendly if students have any queries. The courses are well structured with various methods of teaching, there is a large amount of role playing and group work which allows students to have hands on experience in what they could be doing in their future careers. Studying Logistics and Transport Management provides lots of career and job prospects in later life and is a course packed with many different stages of learning; students must be committed to their studies and be prepared for heavy timetables which consist of many hours of lessons. Future students are advised to never postpone their work or waste time, and for the percentage of those students that are from foreign countries, it is suggested to integrate with French students as a way to improve their language skills. Foreign students also have the option to take extra French Language classes along with the obligatory English language lessons, English is vital in this field of work. Anne Celine Palier is also in charge of a theatre workshop available to all students, students have the option to take part in this extra-curricular activity for 3 hours a week with a professional comedian, there is a performance at the end of each year and it is another excellent way to improve your French skills!

Trades Studied

-          Transport: Operations Manager, Fleet Manager, Warehouse Manager, Station Manager, Head of Agency, Charterer…

-          Logistics Manager

-          Manager of Supply and Distribution

-          Stock Manager


Post-study Options

-          Institutes specialised in logistics, transport, management

-          Business School

-          Masters, Licence, Professional Licence, ERASMUS students – students have the opportunity to enjoy a year abroad and receive two diplomas, one from the university, and the other from their chosen country of exchange.


Conditions of Admission

-              Prospective students must have either Alevels in science or a BTEC National Diploma in electrical engineering

-              If you don’t have either of these qualifications, you can apply to be a student at IUT if they have proof and accreditation of work experience in this area of studies.


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